1. Ippodo Matcha, fresh ginger, raw orange blossom honey, lemon from the front yard. My go-to beverage between juice on this fast, served cool, like a weak Arnold Palmer.

  2. Beet-carrot juice stigmata.

  3. With Ripley, 4yo son of Sean Bonner and Tara Brown.

  4. Breakfast, day 3 of juice fast. Pakistani Mulberry, cherimoya, fresh dates, homebrew coconut milk kefir. More of a runny smoothie than a juice, but I’m not an extremist and felt I needed something substantial to start off a day of moderate physical activity. Long beach walk with a toddler (and his mommy) planned!

  5. I’m on day 2 of a 3-day DIY juice fast. I love what it does to my brain and mood. Making a mix of veggie, fruit, and nut milks including kefir’d versions. Including salt in the form of shoyu, sea salt, kraut juice. So far no downside, only upsides. Not even hunger. Everything organic from farmers market. Thanks to the friend who inspired me, who may or may not wish to be anonymous.

  6. No big deal just Facetimed with a baby wallaby and @m4rzinka

  9. Review copy of @bryantterry’s delicious new book just arrived. I am excite.